Longevity of Concrete Structures

Reinforced concrete structures remain a vital part of the country’s key infrastructure. The inspection, maintenance, and repair of such structures can be difficult, expensive and time consuming especially when situated in remote and inaccessible sites.  In this challenge the sponsors are looking for new innovative and cost-effective ways to maintain their concrete structures to extend useful life and build confidences around the longevity of such structures.   


Challenge opens


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Successful applicants to this challenge will have an opportunity to pitch their solutions to two of the UK’s significant infrastructure operators, National Grid and the Environment Agency. Solutions that show promise will then have a potential opportunity to take products & services to trials, feasibility studies or demonstrators.


Net Zero requirements and targets are driving the need to get more out of existing and future assets. The most carbon efficient process is not to build a new asset. Confidence is required in the integrity of existing structures, so earlier and smaller interventions are preferable to a new build.  Therefore, existing assets need to be maintained, facilitating optimised investment to provide whole life value out them. Processes, products, and systems are required to extend the economic life of reinforced concrete structures.  Funds for asset management are limited, so existing structures are a priority but the reduction of new capital replacement programs through the reuse of existing assets would be a significant advantage.  Carbon reduction, both embedded and operational, is a high priority, however the greatest reduction in carbon can be achieved through avoiding building new structures.

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