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Mobile services of Zero Emission Berth power provision in the tidal Thames

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The innovation exchange is seeking innovative approaches to provide the Tidal Thames with a solution to provide smart flexible zero emission power provision, as a service available 24/7 at the waterside, from berths throughout the Port of London. The winning business(es) in this competition will be given an opportunity to present their solutions to the Port of London Authority, with the potential of a commercial opportunity to deliver their solution.

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Monitoring Movement in Crowds

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The Innovation Exchange (iX), delivered in partnership with HMG and KTN, is looking to identify innovative solutions to a number of challenges around overseeing, anonymously, the movement of people in shared spaces with the intent of ensuring crowd safety. Applicants are required to demonstrate late-stage research or commercial solutions. This research will only be looking at the movement of people in scenarios where public safety is at risk, and data will be anonymised to protect privacy.

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