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Segregation of personnel on work boats during transit: Covid-19 Innovation Challenge

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The iX competition is supporting the Workboat Association and G+ members - offshore wind farm owners (the Challenger) to identify innovative solutions to solve their Covid-19 challenge. Currently workboats are severely limited in carrying capacity due to Covid-19 distancing restrictions. The Challenger is looking for solutions to increase the carrying capacity of workboats. The winning business(es) in this competition will be given a commercial opportunity to deliver their solution, and receive support from the KTN, ORE Catapult and the wider InnovateUK network.

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Digitally track and manage large components at quayside storage areas

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The iX competition, delivered by the Knowledge Transfer Network in partnership with ORE Catapult, is supporting Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) to identify solutions to innovation challenges. This current challenge relates to the Logistics Management of large wind turbine component movements around port facilities. We are looking for digital and hardware logistics solutions to improve the tracking, management and optimisation of these activities.

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