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Contamination Mapping and Visualisation System

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*Please note, this is not related to the Covid-19 virus and is not likely to be a transferable solution. This challenge is to identify technologies to work in combination with the current method of measurement that uses a hand-held device and find a solution of mapping the measurements and providing real time visual and point cloud data . In essence, geo-referencing, time-stamping and recording the outputs of a handheld device

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Alternative routes to the safe and sustainable manufacturing of resorcinol

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The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is working with Robinson Brothers to reach out to its network to identify innovative solutions that could lead to a new synthetic route for resorcinol. Successful solution providers (industry or academia) to this challenge will be given a commercial opportunity to deliver their solution to, and receive support from Robinson Brothers, KTN and the wider Innovate UK network.

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