Condition Monitoring of Electro-Mechanical Assets for Water Treatment and Distribution

The Innovation Exchange programme is working alongside Spring, the water sector’s innovation centre of excellence. On behalf of the UK and Irish water sectors, Spring wishes to engage innovators to solve the challenge of monitoring the health of electro-mechanical assets associated with the treatment and distribution of water and predicting faults due to rapidly changing environments and unpredicted events (systemic shocks). Proposed solutions are particularly welcome from other industry sectors that experience similar issues in relation to rapid deterioration of electro-mechanical assets.


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Successful applicants will be given an opportunity to pitch their innovation to Spring and a group of UK and Ireland water sector representatives. Selected solution(s) may enter into a collaborative trial at water company sites, with the possibility of uptake by multiple water companies if trials are successful.


Spring is the water sector’s innovation centre of excellence, which supports the UK and Irish water sectors by enabling end to end innovation and addressing some of the biggest current and future challenges facing the water sector. Spring is an enabler of the UK water sector’s innovation strategy – Water Innovation 2050 – and is focused on addressing the challenges laid out therein.

Water Innovation 2050’s “Delivering resilient infrastructure systems” theme sets out an ambition to develop resilient systems which can adapt to future challenges, and maintain assets for the long term, providing economic, social and environmental value.

The theme contains the following short and medium term goals:

The sector has effective and cost-efficient methods to understanding and monitor the condition of assets and networks which informs decision making and procurement. For example:

·       through the development of feasibility, cost, benefits and barriers for use of robotics, low-cost sensors and comms to monitor infrastructure asset and network health and performance

The sector can detect and address asset failure rapidly. For example:

·       through real time methods to detect the true causes of key asset failure and deterioration

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