Waste Heat Measurement In Hot Process Flue (Exhaust) Stacks

Innovative solutions for waste heat measurement are sought by a large UK company as part of the KTN Innovation Exchange. For innovators with non-intrusive methods to measure and characterise waste heat streams, mass flow and temperature this is an opportunity to pitch to the company for their high potential projects.


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Successful applications will be given the opportunity to pitch their solutions to representatives from the challenge holder business with the potential for successful solutions to be deployed with the challenge holder


The Innovation Exchange programme is working alongside a large UK company. This business is looking to engage innovators and innovative companies that can help them solve a significant challenge they are trying to overcome in relation to high-potential future projects. The Challenge Owner will engage with the suppliers of innovation to support development, if necessary, to better suit the application.

The Challenge Owner operates many facilities with significant waste heat output which, in many cases, is uncharacterised. As expectations from industry shift, there is a growing desire to utilise this waste heat. Waste heat use can allow for reduced operating costs, improved environmental credentials, and longer operational lives of facilities, among other benefits. To determine how best to make use of the waste heat available, the characteristics of the heat stream must be understood. While methods exist to do this, they often require invasive procedures to implement, which would require system downtime. Non-intrusive options would be preferred but these often suffer from poor versatility or accuracy.

The Challenge Owner seeks to identify technologies to measure and characterise hot waste heat streams without invasive installation/operation and do so with a high degree of confidence in the accuracy of the given measurement.

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