Novel energy storage for sea and land based applications

The Innovate UK KTN Innovation Exchange programme is working alongside a British multinational company that is trying to overcome a significant challenge related to energy storage. To help address this challenge, the company is looking for solution providers across the research and innovation ecosystem.


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An opportunity to meet with and pitch to a significant British multinational company that is seeking solutions to a key energy challenge.


The Challenge Owner is seeking a novel rechargeable energy storage system for deployment on-board ships and large land-based vehicles, and also static land-based applications. Solutions should be capable of storing energy from hours to days (and preferably longer) with a quick response time.

Priority will be given to modular systems and proposed solutions at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 5 or higher - technology validated in a relevant environment. Consideration may be given to lower TRLs, however, the solution should be close to deployment within a 5-year horizon.

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