Zero emission auxiliary energy supplies for utility and community vehicles

KTN is supporting the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) to identify innovative solutions for significant and immediate challenges in support of the CCR City Deal. CCR are looking for innovative deployment technology to enable zero emission council fleets. Through this IX challenge, Zero emission auxiliary energy supplies for utility and community vehicles, CCR are looking for integrated energy solutions to enhance the energy capacity of zero emission vehicles to allow auxiliary energy usage.


Challenge opens


Challenge closes



Opportunity to present solution at a pitch day attended by representatives of the participating Local Authorities and the CCR. Potential access to innovation deployment through the CCR Challenge Fund Programme.


Ten local authorities within the Cardiff Capital Region program have committed to explore solutions that will enable zero-emission council owned fleets and to create demonstrable innovation projects that will help proliferate mass deployment. At a workshop this summer a number of challenges and opportunities this KTN iX™ will address were identified.

For example, Monmouthshire council want to switch their own fleet to electric but have some challenging operations for vehicles that require significant on-board energy use.

The council offer a meals on wheels service(with six vehicles) and wants to utilise a system to allow meals to be heated at the point of service, but this requires several on-board microwaves to heat on demand. This requires an increase of energy of around 5-10 kWh. Other utility vehicles such as parks and recreation have similar needs as the auxiliary equipment moves to electric rather than petrol.

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