Technology and solutions to enhance the capability of Maritime Mission Systems

The iX Challenge competition, delivered by KTN, is supporting BAE Systems Surface Ships to identify innovative solutions to enhance and enrich the Maritime Mission Systems marketplace. This long-standing, traditional market has recently become primed for new lines of thinking from the not-so-usual suspects. Top-performing solutions will be invited to participate in a Codeathon within a warship environment alongside those with the keys to the vessels concerned. No good idea or refined solution will be left behind.


Challenge opens


Challenge closes



Commercial opportunity to enhance access to market. Potential guidance from BAE Systems with support from the wider KTN and Innovate UK networks.


The Royal Navy is exploring new avenues to seek and adopt best-in-class thinking; underpinning the critical operations the navy has to provide without failure. KTN communities delivering innovative solutions are being actively sought and welcomed to the Maritime Mission Systems market to expand the boundaries of what is considered the art of the possible.
This challenge is an opportunity for those with innovative ideas to explore where their approaches could add value. The journey is fully supported by BAE Systems Surface Ships, which offers its Software Development Kit (INTeACT SDK) to expedite the development of innovative solutions. Importantly the new players will continue to have their ideas fully protected in terms of IP, so there is nothing to lose.


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