Innovative Operator Training & Education in the Maritime Environment


ABP handles around one-quarter of the nation's seaborne trade, contributing £7.5 billion to the economy every year and supporting 119,000 jobs. ABP also operates one of the UK's busiest rail terminals at Hams Hall in the Midlands. Challenge 3: Enhancing efficiency through Operator Learning and Assisted Inspection Technologies ABP need to look at the way people are using their equipment and develop a learning for them so that they use them in both an environmentally friendly fashion and ensure care for equipment so that it runs at its most efficient. The equipment may also assist the people in their operation provided the operator can take full control at the appropriate time. ABP is looking for innovation to develop personal learning as well as data collection on equipment to build a picture of how it is being used. Telemetry may be an option to feed in usage data and then develop in to learning suites where people can analyse the data and use it to make a more efficient working environment.

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