Dashcam Interruption

Organisations and solution providers can apply for funding to demonstrate the feasibility of preventing a dashcam recording at a pinch-point location. Numerous secure government facilities across the UK require a form of approved identification permitting entrance. These security measures effect both foot traffic and vehicle access to secure car parks. Unauthorised cameras or other recording equipment are typically not permitted on-site, and with the proliferation of dashboard cameras (dashcams) in vehicles adds an additional element of security concern, as they may inadvertently record facilities, road layouts and personnel information. After the incident, the vehicle may leave the car park inadvertently carrying uncontrolled classified information.


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We have an indicative budget of £60K for a single provider increasing up to £120K for consortia.

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Responding to NSTIx OpTech Co-Creation

The National Security Technology and Innovation Exchange (NSTIx) is a government-led science, technology and innovation partnership that enables coherent and agile delivery of innovative national security outcomes through a co-ordinated and systematic approach to research and capability development. 

NSTIx has established a government-led network of themed Co-Creation Spaces (CCS). The CCS’ combine the respective power of specialist public and private sector partners in research, capability development and end user requirements. This supports the development of effective, user-driven technology at pace in areas that are critical to national security. For more information, please see the ‘NSTIx Leaflet’ in digital form (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/nstix-information- leaflet). 

Op Tech Co-Creation (OCCS) has engaged with a network of key Community Collaborators, to accelerate and leverage access to their existing networks of industry and academic Solution Providers. 

By responding to this Challenge (details provided in ‘Solution Provider Proposals – ‘our ask’ section) and participating in Co-Creation there is an exciting opportunity for collaboration between National Security, Community Collaborators and Solution Providers. 

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