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Game Changers

By Josephine Tunney 14/04/2020

Supporting innovation in nuclear decommissioning
Working together with Sellafield, we find the very best new technology and processes to accelerate and reduce the costs of decommissioning. We help Sellafield define their challenges, work cross-sector and forge partnerships to drive innovation into the nuclear sector.

Game Changers is an innovation programme designed to identify and develop cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to provide significant advances in the decommissioning of the Sellafield site. The programme is delivered by the National Nuclear Laboratory (NPL) and FIS360 Ltd, specialists in supporting innovation technologies from concept through to a commercial product.

How the programme works

Game Changers, working closely with Sellafield, define and publish challenge statements which explain current practice and the technology opportunity. Challenge launch events offer potential solution providers the opportunity to engage directly with Sellafield experts. This contact promotes greater understanding of the technology or process need and the commercial opportunities available. Challenges are open to anyone from any sector who can offer a viable solution, from micro businesses and SMEs to universities and large corporate organisations. Solutions could be derived from technologies already used another sectors such as oil and gas or bio-engineering which could be developed for the nuclear arena. Ideas are submitted through a very simple application process. Funding in two phases supports the development of ideas and concepts with feasibility and proof of concept grants available. Successful applicants ares supported by the Game Changers team to ensure their ideas are best developed to meet Sellafield need and, where possible, to optimise the chance of full implementation across the Sellafield site.