Non-destructive testing of GRP marine vessels


The Innovation Exchange programme is working alongside a large UK company. This business is looking to engage innovators and innovative companies that can help them solve a significant challenge they are trying to overcome in relation to a key productivity issue. The Challenge Owner will engage with the suppliers of innovation to support development, if necessary, to better suit the application. The Challenge Owner operates a number of large marine vessels (ships) with hulls constructed from glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). Hulls can be damaged as a result of collisions, abrasion, delamination of the GRP, blistering and other mechanisms.  It is important that the damage should be quickly and accurately detected in order to effect timely repair and avoid unnecessary time out of use. Current inspection methods are based around visual inspection. They are time-consuming, labour-intensive and prone to human error. The challenge owner seeks to identify technology to improve all aspects of hull inspection.

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