Delivering Peer-to-peer energy trading across non domestic Local Energy Systems


The iX challenge competition, delivered by KTN, is supporting West Suffolk Council in identifying an innovative partner to come on board of their ACCESS INTERREG North Sea Region (NSR) project. ACCESS is a co-funded Interreg North Sea Region project, under Priority 2 Eco-innovation: Stimulating the green economy (Specific objective 2.2 Stimulate the adoption of new products, services and processes to reduce the environmental footprint of regions around the North Sea). The project involves piloting smart energy solutions to develop a local smart grid. West Suffolk Council are looking for a partner/s able to trial peer-to-peer energy trading solutions alongside improvements to energy efficiency, renewable energy, grid capacity constraints and balancing. Responses are invited from single companies or consortia able to provide these services that will lead to environmentally sustainable innovations being implemented across the business. The winning business(es) in this competition will be given the opportunity to deliver their solution as a partner in the ACCESS INTERREG NSR project.

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