Approaches to mitigate against stranded diesel assets


The innovation exchange is looking for innovative solutions for avoiding the ‘stranding’ of diesel-powered assets within ports and harbours. Emissions legislation and air quality directives will start to take effect and the use of fossil fuel powered assets may become restricted or banned from use if the polluting impact of their use in terms of emissions are not addressed. Stranded assets are "assets that have suffered from unanticipated or premature write-downs, devaluations or conversion to liabilities” and in the context of this challenge refer to diesel powered assets with working lives that extend beyond the horizon for their restricted use or banning. Owners and operators are seeking non fossil fuel alternatives or means to dramatically reduce their emissions from assets like generators, forklifts, mobile cranes, and port boats. The winning business(es) in this competition will be given an opportunity to present their solutions to a group of major port operators, with the potential of a commercial opportunity to deliver their solution.

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